TruckRake Inc
Guelph, ON, Canada

We Created TruckRake® Because:

Changes in truck design height have been making it increasingly challenging to climb in and out of the truck bed on a continuous basis.  And the available  Manufacturer, or Aftermarket Options can be quite costly.

In addition, slippery conditions inside the truck bed can increase the difficulty of individually placing or removing items, especially at the forward part of the truck bed.

Our TruckRake is designed to be a dependable, low cost solution to the problem of easily accessing cargo in your pickup truck bed. 

TruckRake allows easy access to all parts of the truck bed, even for people with physical limitations. And after using your TruckRake, you can collapse the handle, and conveniently store it inside your vehicle. 

If You’ve Got A Truck - You’ve Gotta Get A TruckRake®!

And when you’re loading up your truck, the versatile TruckRake® enables you to easily shuffle and sort your gear - making best use of every square foot of cargo space.

So Many Problems Solved!

No more crawling up into your truck bed to get at that parcel that slid up to the cab. No more getting your hands and knees dirty and ruining your good jeans.

With a TruckRake® you can quickly retrieve that package or tool or tool box, easily and safely. The durable metal pole extends to just the right length and locks securely into place with two stainless steel push buttons for your safety and convenience.





Makes A Great Gift!

The TruckRake® head is made of durable, long lasting Nylon - right here in Ontario. And the sturdy extendable pole is poly coated light weight aluminum and features a sturdy locking locking system for your safety.

Cost Efficient, Light Weight, & Easy To Use - the TruckRake® means that you no longer have to climb in and out of the back of your truck to get access to hard to reach items.

Pick up trucks have now become primary vehicles, and no one appreciates getting their clothes dirty when reaching into a truck box during a social function - your ease of access is guaranteed with  TruckRake®!

A TruckRake® is a useful item for any truck owner and makes a Great Gift for the camper, outdoor enthusiast, contractor, or gardener in your family!